Acer Crystal eye webcam not found or working – Acer sucks!

Well, if you’re a Acer-notebook owner you will soon find out what ”crappy support” means.

If you haven’t already had some trouble with the built in webcam on your Acer laptop, be ready for it!

It all started 3-4 years ago and still going on with all of Acer’s notebooks. The cam just stopped working. I think I spent hours and hours reading all sorts of forums with different people that one thing in common, ”Acer Crystal eye webcam not working”.

How you find out:

Well, the first thing that happens is that when you try to start the program ”Acer Crystal Webcam”, a screen with a error popups.


If you didn’t get the popup-message ”Camera no found”, you will probably get a blank screen in your Crystal Eye cam-program, instead of a picture of yourself. The reason for this is because Acer uses 2 different webcamsoftwares, Bison and Suyin.

The second thing you will notice, after reading 2000 posts and solutions on Google, is that in your devicemanager, a unknown USB-device appear.

Does Acer fix this?

No! They known this problem for years and if you check their forum at you will see that they still have problem with the Acer built in cams.

They recommend all sort of stupid solutions like downloading the drivers again and re-installing them, but without any success. I will explain why this doesn’t work further down. And they want you to send the laptop to them or call their support that really sucks even more. The support claims they haven’t heard this problem, yeah right. 2000 posts on Google and they haven’t heard?!


Well, like I said, I read over 2000 posts on Google and they all had their theories. None of them worked for me but some of them worked for the posters, even If I doubt that the solution was what they wrote. I think many of the posters tried several things and then all sudden the cam started to work, and they just guessed that the solution was the last thing they tried to do.

Anyway, here are some of solutions.

1, ”A loose cable to the webcam in the laptop”

Well, I doubt that this is the problem. Trust me, I opened my laptop with all the 40 screws and the cable isn’t put in a way that it just came loose of it self, not even if I shake the computer. But, however, if it is, you will have to open the laptop and if you do, please remember where the screws were.

2, ”Connector on backside of the cam”

I read that someone pushed the backside of the cam and it made a ”click”-sound, that somehow this made his cam work again. The problem would be that when you open your laptop you probably push it up and therefore it cam loose. Please don’t push to hard if you try this.

3, ”Run Acer Crystal Eye Webcam as Administrator”
Well, that didn’t work either. But someone wrote it so I might as well take it up here.
Start, Programs, Acer Crystal Eye, Rightclick the program and run as administrator.

4, ”Run Compability mode for Win XP or other”
That didn’t work for me but someone wrote that it solved their problem.
In Vista: Start, Program, Acer Crystal Eye, Rightclick the program, Properties, Compability, Mark ”Run this program in compabilitymode for: WinXp (or other ones..).

5, ”Clear the Picture-folder”
That sounded really stupid but it solved the cam-issue for some people. Just empty or move all the files in that folder so it’s empty. I personally think that the issue with that is that the program couldn’t handle all the files in the folder so it got stuck, and that the poster to the solution mixed up the real issue with cam not working.

6, ”Uninstall Windows Live and all of it’s content”
The poster wrote that uninstalling Windows Live made his cam work. It didn’t work for me but he’s on something here. It could be one of the Windows Live-files that overwrites the cam-drivers, since Windows Messenger is using the webcam. It could also be Skype. This might be worth trying.

7, ”Download the drivers and update USB-driver”
Well, this is mostly the real problem. However, it’s not as simple as a poster wrote. She explained that you have to download the drivers, unzip them to a folder, go to your device-manager, locate the unknown USB-unit, rightclick on it, update the drivers and then manually point the computer to the folder where there should be a .inf -file. Well, not in my case. If you have a Acer Aspire 5730Z the 2 webcamprograms (Bison and Suyin) will either be in a single ”Setup.exe”-file or other files that doesn’t contain the .inf -file. But, shes right about the .inf file. I explain this further down.

8, ”Call the support and give them your serialnumber”
Well, one guy that had a blog for the solution said he called the support several times and that they finally acknowlegded that there was a problem with the driver. Since you don’t really know if it’s a Bison or Suyin-cam in the laptop, they could tell by the serialnumber. He then got a ”special driver” for his computer that solved the case. I really doubt this but he made a important point why the cam stopped working. Read further down!

My theory:

After reading all the posts on several different computer, tech, support-forums there were some interesting points. Why did the cam all sudden stop working?

Well, on almost all of the cases they had Windows and you probably know that Windows runs updates all the time. I think I read something that solution number 8 wrote, that servicepacks and updates overwrites the drivers for the cam. This is mostly the case. By installing a ”newer” driver, Windows thinks your old driver isn’t any good and not up to date. Thats why he got the driver, probably in a extracted version so he could update the driver.

I have tried uninstalling the unknown USB-unit but if I restart the computer, the first thing it does is to install it again and using the windows driver usb.inf. And since I can’t update the driver like the women in solution number 7 did, it won’t work.

I have tried to install both the drivers from Acers webpage and the drivers from the eRecovery but that didn’t work either.

My thoughts about Acer:

Well, they known this problem for so long now, and still today they have the same problem and haven’t made any solutions for it. What do you do if your computer not working as usual? You buy a new one..
This is probably one of the reasons why Acer is still going strong, they ignore the customers but blames it on them instead of fixing the solution. And can you imagine how many customers that doesn’t have the warranty anymore? And the Acer solution for this is to have a expencive call-number that will cost 3 dollars a minute. FFS!!!

Well, know that you know, please don’t buy any Acer laptops until they fix this big problem.